At Wild Ohio Brewing Company, we take a responsible approach to drinking and hope our customers will do the same. Responsibility doesn’t take the fun out of drinking, it allows you to practice moderation when enjoying a glass of your favorite Wild T. The main goal of responsible drinking is to avoid harming yourself, your family and society. Drinking responsibly can tremendously improve your tea-drinking experience and help you avoid some unfortunate consequences. Here are a few responsible drinking tips we urge you to follow:

  • Always make a plan for the night. If you already have some alcohol-drinking experience, you know how much is enough. Don’t exceed the limit.
  • Always eat before drinking Wild T.
  • Even though our Wild T is very tasty, we don’t recommend drinking it too fast. Drink slowly to avoid fast intoxication.
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no” to friends and coworkers when they offer you a glass of Wild T and you feel as if you’ve had enough.
  • A couple of drinks of delicious Wild T are usually sufficient to make your evening fun.