As many of you know, truly great gluten-free alcoholic beverages can be hard to come across, but times are changing and more people are becoming more aware of gluten-free options. With gluten-free beverages like Wild Tea, it opens a door to a good time for many who may have sensitivities with gluten or looking to cut some unnecessary calories.

Here are the three top perks of gluten-free Wild Tea!. 

Alcohol content is on par with beer and hard seltzers

There are a lot of drinks considered “light” and sacrifice taste for a lower ABV, the percentage of alcohol in the brew. Drinks like Wild Tea are full of flavor and never sacrifice taste. Amongst the variety of flavors, our Wild Teas ranges from 4.7% and 9% ABV – making it easy to pick which tea is the best for your fancy!

No heavy stomach or bloating

Many alcoholic beverages such as beer and hard seltzers are made with malt, hops and other grains. When you drink these, they make your stomach feel full, causing your body to produce a lot of gas. You don’t want to risk being that person when you’re trying to enjoy a drink!

No grain, no gluten

Wild Ohio Brewing is fully committed to maintaining a completely grain-free facility. Without all the grain, this is how we are able to bring you a gluten-free product. In addition to being gluten-free, this also allows people who live with Celiac’s Disease enjoy a brew.
Don’t let anything hold you back this summer and try Wild Tea! You can find a Wild Tea locator HERE to find a store locally or purchase online using the BrewScout for iPhone and Android!


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